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Price Schemes are used to provide a group of Users with an alternative cost for a Course.

Price Schemes can be set up to provide the alternative cost for users in a certain Account, Account Group, or uses that have a certain Job Role.

Price Schemes are automatically applied to a Shopping Basket at the end of a purchase so your customers do not need to remember a Discount Code!

To learn how to set up and use Price Schemes, click here. 

Important information

Price Schemes are not currently supported within accessplanit’s new Checkout Basket. If your platform currently use Checkout, the Price Scheme will still be visible/accessible, but it will not work for bookings made through the Checkout Basket.

Where to find Price Schemes

Click on the User Icon at the top right hand side of the platform and select Administration:

Within this page, click the menu option Price Schemes:

Setting up a Price Scheme

There are a few fields that you'll need to fill out before you can create your Price Scheme. Here's an overview of what they all mean:

This is the name of your Price Scheme. Be sure to name it something relevant to what the Price Scheme will be offering.

This is the Account that owns the Price Scheme. Make sure that you have selected the correct account, as only this courses run by this Account will be able to offer this Price Scheme.

Account Groups
Here, you can add Account Groups that this Price Scheme applies to.

In this field, you can add Accounts that this Price Scheme applies to.

User Roles
Here, you can add Job Roles that this Price Scheme applies to.


By default, the accessplanit shopping basket will take the lowest cost available for a user in the basket. However, if you would like your Price Schemes to be higher than the usual cost of the course and for this to take precedence over any other cost, please contact the Support team to help configure this for you.