Delegates Overview

If you are having issues with a Delegate that is booked onto a course, or Delegates in general, please visit this related Troubleshooting page.

For guidance when cancelling delegates/transferring delegates and applying charges, please visit this page.

How To List

Filling in the Delegates Page

When adding a Delegate to a course, you'll find that there are a number of fields available for you to fill out. Here's an overview of what they all are:

This is where you select the User record for the Delegate you want to add. 

Here, you can designate the Delegate status that this Delegate should have, e.g. Booked, Provisional, etc.

Status Reason 
The Status Reason field allows you to select a reason as to why the Delegate has this status. This is not a mandatory field.

Selecting a Status Reason is useful when storing the reasons for a Delegate cancellation or transfer. To find out more about Status Reasons, click here.

Score and Points
The Score and Points fields allow you a place to store information against the Delegate, usually once they have completed the course.

Financial Details
The Financial Details section allows you to manually override the cost of the course date for this Delegate, using the drop-down box next to Override Cost Type. You can choose from the following cost type options; per Delegate, per session, per day, per hour or per day the Delegate attends. This last option is particularly useful when charging the Delegate for optional sessions in a sessional course.

Override Cost Type
This is the Override Cost type applied if you specify an amount for this Delegate. This option is greyed out until an amount is entered into the Cost field below and then the Delegate record is Saved. To learn more about Cost Types, click here. 

The Cost field is where you specify the override cost amount.

Note: the Override Cost Type and Cost should be the cost applied to the Delegate if Invoiced after adding an Override Cost. An Override Cost should take precedence over any Cost including Price Schemes.

Tax Exempt
The Tax Exempt tick box allows you to specify if the override cost is excluding the tax amount.

Is Private Booking
The Is Private Booking tick box allows you to designate whether the Delegate is making the booking for themselves rather than through the Account that they belong to. This ensures that any finance requirements or communications are not related to the Account. 

Private bookings are only used when Delegates are booking and paying for a course themselves rather than billing their company. If the company name does not show in the Delegate Maintenance Page, this is because the Is Private Booking tick box was selected when they were added to the course.

The Sessions field is used when the course is a head sessional course. This is where you select which sessions of this course you are adding this Delegate too.