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What are Tasks?

Tasks can be used to manage your personal and team to-dos! Tasks are mapped directly to your Courses, Delegates, Users, & Accounts so that you can manage them in one central platform, and see at a glance what you and your team still have left to complete before a Course begins, or an Invoice is processed!

As an Administrator you also have access to your very own Tasks Kanban Board which only displays Tasks that are assigned to you, decluttering your view, and allowing you to focus on the next job.

In your accessplanit platform, you can map Tasks to your CoursesDelegatesInvoicesMeetings
PurchasesResourcesAwardsUser Awards and Opportunities

Continue reading to learn more about Tasks best practice and common uses of Tasks, or learn how to use, add, and edit Tasks within your accessplanit platform.


Where to find Tasks

  1. You can view all of the Tasks in your platform by opening the Tasks DataGrid, this is available from the ‘Tasks’ main menu option:


  2. To quickly view your own in-progress and outstanding tasks, click on the Tasks option in your notification bar at the top of your platform:


  3. To view all of the tasks mapped directly to something, such as all of the tasks for a specific course, open the ‘Tasks’ tab when viewing the object:


Tasks Best Practice 

Here are some top tips to allow you to get the most out of Tasks within your accessplanit platform! 

  1. Less is more! Here at accessplanit we have seen it many times where a team have gotten excited about automating their task reminders, and added tasks for everything! This usually starts well but then the task lists become hard to maintain and the reminders are ignored.
    We recommend that you avoid adding tasks for ‘business as usual’ jobs that you & your team do in your sleep, and focus on the tasks that meet any of the following criteria:

    1. It will be helpful for the rest of your team to know when this task is complete or if this task is missed.

    2. The task is a shared responsibility and we want to avoid it being completed twice by two different people.

    3. The task is frequently forgotten.

  2. Set up your Task Types & Task Statuses
    Task Statuses are used to indicate the progress of the tasks in your accessplanit platform, you can add extra statuses into your platform, and edit the existing ones from within the Custom List Items page.

    Task Types are used for categorising your Tasks and can be very helpful for indicating to your team what is expected for that task, common types include:

    • Activity

    • Call / Meeting

    • Follow Up

    • Pre-Course

    • Post Course
      You can configure your task types within the Custom List Items page.

  3. Give your tasks meaningful subjects or descriptions
    Nothing confuses a new member of staff more than looking through the team’s workload and seeing tasks with non-descript subjects such as ‘Prep’, ‘Follow-up’, or ‘Email’, with no description to explain what is involved.
    Better labelled tasks or detailed task descriptions set a clear expectation to your team of what the task involves, and helps them to work with other team members if they need any support!

  4. Use Task Descriptions to document progress with shared tasks
    If you have many large tasks that are assigned to multiple people, you can use the rich-text task Description for each assigned to user to update the task with what aspects of the task they have completed and what is outstanding.

  5. Don't waste time setting up multiple Tasks - clone them! This functionality allows you to duplicate pre-existing tasks, this is very useful if you need to complete the same task for multiple Courses, or multiple Course Templates




  1. Can I change the columns in my Tasks Kanban Board
    Yes, each of the columns in your Tasks Kanban Board can be dragged left or right to change their order.

  2. Can I bulk update my old tasks to complete?
    Yes, if you are the type to blast through many tasks in one go, there is a Bulk Edit option in your Tasks DataGrid to let you set your Tasks to the status of 'Completed' and with a Progress of '100%' in one update!

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