Platform Events Log Overview

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The Platform Events Log allows you to view actions made by users within your platform, without needing to access the individual Audit Logs tab for a record.

To learn the different things you can do in the Events Log, click here.


Where to find the Events Log

The Event Log can be accessed from the Bell icon in the top right of your platform's interface:


What is the Platform Events Log?

The Platform Events Log is an extensive audit log which keeps track of most of the changes that users have made within accessplanit since the platform has been running.

It can be very useful for finding out who and when made a change within the platform as well as what changes they made.

The Platform Events Log can be used as a first port of call for troubleshooting issues within accessplanit that seem to be caused by human error.

In this area, you can:

  • View many of the changes have been to objects within the platform.

  • View when the change was made.

  • View which user made this change.

  • Apply filters to allow you to find certain changes faster.


To access the full DataGrid where you can search for changes, click on the See All Events button at the bottom of the list of latest changes:


The Events Log is controlled by a DataGrid, to find out more information about DataGrids please click here.

You should not click 'Show All' on the Event Log DataGrid, as this DataGrid can contain millions of change logs, which could slow down your log-in session and potentially other Users on your platform too.

What events are logged within the Platform Events Log?

The following events can be tracked within the Platform Events Log:

  • User Provisional Booking

  • User Updated

  • User Failed To Attend

  • User Course Booking

  • Non Guest Logon

  • Company Updated

  • Failed Logon Lock

  • User Deferred Course

  • New User

  • User Deleted

  • New Account

  • Account Deleted

  • New User Account

  • User Account Updated

  • User Account Deleted

  • New User Award

  • User Award Updated

  • User Award Deleted

  • New User Course Date

  • User Course Date Updated

  • User Course Date Deleted

  • Users Merged

  • Accounts Merged

  • New Course Date

  • Course Date Updated

  • Course Date Deleted

  • New User User Type

  • User User Type Updated

  • User User Type Deleted

  • Account Course Booking

  • User Course Moved

  • Course Fully Booked

  • New Invoice/Credit Note

  • Invoice/Credit Note Updated

  • Invoice/Credit Note Deleted

  • New Placeholder Booking

  • Placeholder Updated

  • Placeholder Deleted

  • Award created

  • Award updated

  • Award deleted

  • Resource requirement created

  • Resource requirement updated

  • Resource requirement deleted

  • Resource assigned to course date

  • Resource removed from course date

  • Resource unavailability created

  • Resource unavailability updated

  • Resource unavailability deleted

  • Opportunity Created

  • Opportunity Updated

  • Opportunity deleted

  • Discount created

  • Discount updated

  • Discount deleted

  • New Task

  • Task Updated

  • Task Deleted

  • New Account group

  • Account group updated

  • Account group deleted

  • New Resource

  • Resource Updated

  • Resource Deleted

  • Custom Task Processed

  • Course Date Webinar Created

  • Course Date Webinar Updated

  • Course Date Webinar Deleted

  • Course Created

  • Course Updated

  • Course Deleted

  • Meeting Created

  • Meeting Updated

  • Meeting Deleted

  • Meeting Attendee Created

  • Meeting Attendee Updated

  • Meeting Attendee Deleted