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Welcome to your Help Guide for your accessplanit platform!

In this area you can find links to information and help on the software.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, you can log into our Support Portal and contact one of our Support team members who will be happy to assist. If you are not familiar with this process, you can use our How to raise a support ticket guide.

If you are locked out of your platform, please follow the steps on this page here.

Accounts function as containers that house all of your Users within your platform. They are a key part of your software's organisational structure. Here, you can find out how to manage and update your Accounts.

The Administration area of accessplanit is the section which allows you to configure your platform. This area tells you how to set up Workflows, update your Password Policy,  change Accounting options, and more.

This section of the software includes logs for all types of communications such as Emails and SMS messages. This area also includes information on setting up Text/Email Templates.

The Courses area of your software houses all of the different types of courses that you hold, from Class-based Courses to Knowledge Documents. You can learn how to create Course Templates and instances here.

Dashboards enable Training Administrators, Trainers and Managers to see information quickly without navigating and adding filters yourself. You can create Dashboards for personal use and for other Users in the platform.

The Document and File Store is where you can upload and manage files within accessplanit, including Certificates, Sign-In Sheets and images. This area includes information explaining how to upload documents to the Store.

This section includes information on Invoicing, Credit Notes, and Transactions, and setting up your Finance preferences. This also includes setting up your Payment Methods.

For financial plug-ins and integrations, click here.

You can import a large variety of data on your accessplanit platform, including Users, Accounts, Courses, Awards, etc. This area explains what an Import Profile is and how to set one up to prepare for an Import Job.

You can use Opportunities to record, track, and manage leads to help you increase your business. This section will tell you how to set up and make the most of Opportunities within your platform.

This area allows you to create items for sale that are not course dates, but are items such as hotel bookings, text books, first aid kits, booking fees and anything else that you wish to sell that isn't a date

There are many different ways you can report in accessplanit. This includes reporting using a DataGrid, Smart Grid, using the built-in Report Wizard, Report Engine, and the Report Writer module. This area will tell you how to use the different reporting tools within accessplanit.

accessplanit has its very own Shopping Basket which your customers can use to book and pay for courses and register as a User in the software. This section contains information about how to use and customise your Shopping Basket.

Tasks enable you to remind Users in the platform the different activities they need to do. This area will show you how to set up and distribute tasks to your Users.

Smart Grids are a type of  DataGrid which include helpful content such as Delegates, Bookings, Trainer Confirmations, and User Awards. This area will show you how best to use Smart Grids.

The System Events Log is a useful feature within accessplanit to help you troubleshoot and make full use of your software. The System Events Log is a DataGrid with all events that have happened in the platform, which you can search and filter as you please.

A Module allows you to pull specific information from certain areas. Modules are available for building your Workflows, Text, and Email Templates. 

This section explains the best practice for adding and managing Users within your accessplanit platform.

Resources are items that a Training Provider may need to support running courses. Here, you can learn how to create and manage a variety of Resources, including Trainers and Venues.