Finance Overview

The Finance module allows you to manage and generate Invoices, Credit Notes, Discounts, and Vouchers.

If you are having issues with an Invoice/Credit Note you have made, or with Finance on the platform in general, please visit this related Troubleshooting page.

Benefits of the Finance module 

  • Streamlining the customer experience by allowing online payment to be made through a variety of compatible payment gateways (please note the Online Booking module is required).
  • The ability to auto-commit Invoices automatically or commit Invoices individually or in bulk.
  • Automate finance notifications such as email payment receipts and overdue Invoice notifications.
  • Customise the branding of your Invoices such as including your logo and the ability to create a custom footer.
  • Create Discount codes which can automatically apply for groups of Users or even used in email marketing campaigns (please note the Email Marketing module is required).

Initial Set Up

Configuring your finance settings starts with Account Finance Options for each of your Training Providers. For more information, follow this link: Account Finance Options.

Where to find the Finance area

The area is available in the left-hand menu. 


To learn more about Invoices, click here.

Credit Notes

To learn more about Credit Notes, click here.


To learn more about Vouchers, click here.