Documents and File Store

Within your accessplanit platform, you can store a large variety of documents and files. The File Store is used for storing documents for use throughout your platform. You can store documents such as course documentation, maps, images, and terms and conditions. The files stored in here can be used for reference and/or included in emails that you send. Document Templates can be used to store a variety of different types of documents within your platformthat you need to regularly send out to Users. Document Templates can be used to generate Certificates, Sign-In Sheets/Registers, and Joining Instructions.

What's the difference between the File Store, Document Templates, and Knowledge Documents?

Items stored within Document Templates tend to be dynamic documents - that is, their details change depending on the User they are sent out to. Sign In Sheets, Certificates, and Joining Instructions will need to contain information specific to Delegate and course they are being sent out to, so will need to have merge fields in place to accommodate this.

File Store items, on the other hand, are static. These won't change depending on the recipient. File Store items can include documents such as images and maps, which can be included in any email without their details needing to be changed depending on the User receiving the communication.

Knowledge Documents are a type of course offered in accessplanit. The files for these are stored within the Knowledge Document Packages area of Administration. They can then be created as a Course Template and made available for Delegates to book onto them.

There are dedicated pages for each of these areas within the Help Guide. Follow the links below to find out more: