Meetings Overview

The Meetings area within your accessplanit platform can be used to keep track of all of your client Meetings, as well as any internal Meetings you might have. You can set up new Meetings here, as well as manage existing ones.

To learn how to use Meetings, click here.

Where to find Meetings

Meetings is available in the left-hand menu.

What are Meetings used for?

Meetings are a way for you to track your company’s internal and external Meetings within the platform.

In the Meetings module, you can:

  • Record Meetings.
  • Add Meeting attendees using the users and accounts that you have stored in the platform.
  • Log Meeting notes and associated Communications.
  • Store Files.
  • Create and assign Tasks to your Meetings.

How to set up a Meeting

There are a few fields you'll need to fill in before you can save a new Meeting. Here's an overview of them all:

This is what the Meeting is about. The subject should be meaningful, as you may use this for searching for your Meeting at a later date.

You can enter the organiser of the Meeting in this field. This can be yourself or another user.

Start and End Date
Here, you can select the start and end dates for your Meeting from the calendar.

User Attendees
This field is used to record individual user attendees.

Account Attendees
You can use this field to record attendance from a particular Account.

Mapped To
Here, you can select the Course or Opportunity that this meeting is mapped to. If your meeting is not related to a Course or an Opportunity, you can leave this section blank.

Here, you can add any notes relevant to the Meeting, including hyperlinks, images, and documents.

Other information stored against a Meeting

This tab displays the list of individuals or Accounts who are set to attend your Meeting.

Here, you can add Notes regarding the Meeting.

This tab documents any Communications that have been sent out from the platform regarding this Meeting.

Here, you can manage, view, and create Tasks relating to this Meeting.

File Store
This is where you can view and manage any items stored within the File Store that relate to this Meeting.

Audit Logs
The Audit Logs allow you to track any changes made to the Meeting. It documents the date and time of the change, the nature of the change, and the User who performed the change.