Delegate Status Reasons Overview

The Delegate Status Reasons area of your accessplanit platform is used for setting specific reasons against a Delegate's status on a course date. This area is useful for keeping track as to why Delegates have a particular status against their record on an Account, and can be used to monitor cancellations, transfers, and provisional bookings.

To learn how to make use of Delegate Status Reasons, click here.

Where to find Delegate Status Reasons 

Click on the Profile Icon at the top right hand side of the platform and select Administration:

Within this page, click the menu option Delegate Status Reasons:

Setting up a Delegate Status Reason

When you're setting up a Delegate Status Reason, you'll need to fill out some information into the following fields. Here's a breakdown of what they all mean:

This is the name of your Delegate Status Reason. We recommend naming this something relevant to the status you're creating.

Applicable Status
This is the Delegate status that this Delegate Status Reason applies to. You can choose from any of the available statuses within your accessplanit platform. The most common use for a Delegate Status Reason is to highlight the reason for a course cancellation, but they may also be used for recording the reason a Delegate has been transferred or put on hold.

Cost Type and Cost
The Cost Type and Cost fields are used to define any charges relating to the Delegate Status Reason. Cost Types can be Fixed or Percentage-based. You can enter a numerical value into the Cost field.

Allow Free Text
Ticking this box allows a User to enter additional details after they change a User's status.