Legacy Reports Overview

The Legacy Reports are one of the many reporting tools available within your accessplanit. They allow you to run reports through Report Wizards on a variety of aspects, from Skills Profiles to Course Templates.

To learn how to use Legacy Reports, click here.

Where to find Legacy Reports

The area is available in the left-hand menu. 

What are Legacy Reports?

Legacy Reports are one of the older reporting tools within your accessplanit, which allow you to run a variety of pre-built reports within your accessplanit. The Legacy Reports will be available for a limited time as they are steadily being replaced by the more modern reporting functions.

Each Report follows a Wizard which takes you through running the Report step-by-step. It allows you to include or exclude a range of objects before generating the final Report

In this area, you can:

  • View and clone Reports.
  • Export the results for most Reports.
  • View and edit who can view to each Report.
  • View and edit who can edit each Report.