Report Engine Overview

The Report Engine is a powerful tool to help you pull together data from across accessplanit and create tangible reports on common themes such as invoicing, course bookings and attendance.

To learn how to use Report Engineclick here.

Where to find the Report Engine

The Report Engine is available in the left-hand menu.

What is the Report Engine?

The Report Engine is a powerful reporting tool which allows you to run pre-built reports, or create your own based on certain modules within the platform.

The Report Engine provides you with the ability to:

  • Build Reports using any model in accessplanit.
  • Present the information you need by creating multiple mini Reports (Gadgets) within an overall report.
  • Preview your Report before you save it.
  • Clone, share, export and print your Reports.

The Report Engine comes complete with over 25 pre-built reports. The easiest way to get started is by cloning and editing an existing report.  

Setting up a Report Engine Report

To set up a Report Engine Report, you'll need to define a few fields first. Here's an overview of the information you'll need to provide:

This is the name of your Report. We recommend naming it something relevant to the type of information you want the report to generate.

This field determines which aspects of accessplanit you can pull information from, so it's important to select the correct module for your Report.

This free-text box allows you to provide further information about your Report's functions, for yourself or other Admins to reference at a later date.

The Details button that appears after you've saved your report allows you to change the Name, Module, or Description of your Report after you've created it.

The Export button allows you to export your Report as a PDF.

Here, you can add filters which will tailor which results can be displayed within your Report.