Course Management Issues

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This section is for common issues that you may encounter regarding Courses on the platform.

How do I stop booking people onto courses?

To stop Users from being able to book a course on the platform, you should change the status of the course to Fully Booked, which means the capacity has been reached and only Training Administrators will have the authority to add new delegates.

You can also make use of the Waiting List functionality if you wish to, which can add a Delegate to a waiting list for a course, rather than stopping them completely. To learn more about Waiting Lists in accessplanit, click here.

Why can't I find a course in our web feed/course search?

To check this, first find the Course Template for this course and Edit. If you scroll down to the Promotion section and find a checkbox labelled Advertise (see below).

This checkbox will ensure that courses with this Course Template will be advertised in the internal accessplanit course search and also external web integration.

If this checkbox is ticked, the next step is to Edit the course date itself and scroll down to the Promotion section, and you will see similar fields (see below).

Here, you can select options for this specific course regarding whether the course date should be advertised in the internal course search, external web feeds, and which date range they should be advertised for.

If the above settings are ticked and the current date is within the Start/End Date range, the next settings to check are as follows:

  1. The Course Date's status.

  2. The Spaces Left for the Course Date.

  3. Any Exclusivity for Accounts/Account Groups on the Course Date - exclusive Courses won't show in the feed by default.

  4. The Date of the Course - only Courses starting in the future will show in the feed by default.

Why can't I schedule a course on a specific day/time?

On accessplanit, there is a configuration setting on each platform to dictate the working hours for each Training Provider.

By default, this is set to Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, however if you would like this changed for your platform, please contact the Support Team to assist with this.