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This section is for common issues that you may encounter regarding eLearning and eLearning Packages on the platform.

My eLearning isn't being marked as completed when the course is finished?

You will need to check is the eLearning Course Template, there is an option at the template called 'Auto Complete" this option needs to be selected.

Once selected this option will not work retrospectively, Training Administrators would need to set Delegate statuses on any existing completions. 

A delegate failed an eLearning course but their status is still 'In Progress' and they can still play the package?

This will be due to the statuses that accessplanit is sent from the package. If you want the delegate to be marked as 'Failed' rather than 'In Progress', you will need to check both the 'Completion Status' and the 'Success Status' output values for your eLearning package, and they should be as follows:

  • Completion Status is Complete

  • Success Status is Failed

If these are correct, the package won't allow the delegate to re-launch.

My eLearning isn't being marked as Passed when the course is finished?

This can be a package issue, or can be the way that the package is being worked on.

Below is a checklist of areas that can affect Success Status: 

  • Is the version of the package SCORM 1.2 or 2004? 

  • Is the eLearning course being closed before it is being completed? 

  • If your package is SCORM 1.2, is the option of "Set to 'Completed' if Passed" set at the Course Template level? 

  • Is the user using Safari to access the package, and have they got block Third-Party Cookies on in their security settings?

SCORM 1.2 can only pass over a completion status, SCORM 2004 can pass over a completion status and a success status. If you are using a SCORM 1.2 package, you will need to ask the Helpdesk to enable Training Points within your platform and then you will need to update the Minimum Pass Score field against the eLearning course template:

Closing a Course before it is completed will mean that the score hasn't been passed over, any Course should have a button to confirm completing, this is typically followed by a confirmation message updating the Delegate that the Course is finished. 

The "Set to 'Completed' if Passed" option is set at the Course Template level and is a good option to select that will automatically set the completion status when the Success Status is set to Passed. This exists because there are scenarios where a Course can be passed from a score point of view, but not completed because some sections may have been skipped. If a Course is passed it is essentially completed so this status will update to match if set at an eLearning course template. 

Some browsers now block Third-Party Cookies and Cross-Site Tracking by default. Whilst this is beneficial for user privacy, it does prevent SCORM eLearning packages from passing information back to accessplanit. This is an issue for Safari, and can also be affected by the users security settings on all other major internet browsers.


My eLearning package has already been tested and works but isn't working on accessplanit? 

The accessplanit platform uses a third party SCORM engine that integrates with the eLearning section of accessplanit.

Registering a free account here: https://rusticisoftware.com/resources/test-scorm/ will allow you to upload your course, launch it and test it to check the following:

  • Is the package SCORM compliant? This software won't allow an upload if this package is not compatible. 

  • The package can be launched and carried out, closing the course will give you an overview.

My users are receiving the "Error 31" message when attempting to play their eLearning. 

Error 31 is a known limitation with playing SCORM eLearning packages through a SCORM player or external LMS, such as accessplanit.

SCORM eLearning courses rely on 3rd Party Cookies being enabled in your browser. For Safari (Mac, iPad or iPhone) this is an issue because this setting is disabled by default.

The only way past this message is for the user to use a different browser or to enable 3rd Party Cookies. The following page has detailed information for enabling 3rd Party Cookies in all major browsers:


Last resorts:

Please contact the Helpdesk Team via the Support Portal.

You can submit a suggestion via our Product Suggestion Portal, and it will be reviewed by our team.