Shopping Basket Issues

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This section is for common issues that you may encounter regarding the Shopping Basket on accessplanit.

Why isn't my Discount being applied in the Shopping Basket?

Click here to view a flowchart to help you diagnose this problem.

Why can't I book a User onto a course?

If you see this message:

Then this means that the User you are trying to book onto this course is already a Delegate, or they already have an active Shopping Basket for this course.

You can check which case this is by going into the User's account on the system and looking at their Courses section.


If this particular course is not in this DataGrid, then the next step would be to go to the Shopping Baskets DataGrid and search for the User's ID, or the Booker's ID.

The Shopping basket DataGrid is on the main left menu:

Searching for the ID’s is done at the top right of the DataGrid as shown below:

It is important to check that you are searching on User ID, and Bookers ID, this is done by clicking the icon to the right of the magnifying glass:

If all three options are selected, the search criteria will look in all areas:

Shopping basket items can be deleted by right clicking on on the item in question and selecting delete from the menu items:

Deleting a inactive, or temporary basket will mean that any partial bookings that are preventing a user booking onto a course will no longer be a problem.

Why can't I see a user when trying to Assign Delegate as a booker?

Click here to view a flowchart to help you diagnose this problem.

Can we use our own (external) shopping basket instead of one provided by accessplanit?

External Shopping Baskets are currently not supported.