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My accessplanit platform is running slow

If any of your Training Administrators report that accessplanit is running slowly, there are some trouble shooting steps that can be taken to help determine the root cause of the speed issue, following this guide is a good first port of call before contacting the Customer Support Team.

What information should you capture when investigating a slow platform speed or performance

  1. Who is the slowness affecting?
    Is the slowness affecting you, the current user? Of was the slowness reported to you by one of your Training Administrator team?
    If a Training Administrator has reported the information back to you, pass this information on to the Support Team when reporting the slow down or performance issue

  2. When did the slowness occur? 
    It is quite important to know when the slowness was occurring, this helps the development and maintenance team pin point the logs and information around what was causing the slowness

  3. Finally, it is a good idea to carry out a speed test by by following link: https://www.speedtest.net if you can send over the figures that the speed test presents you with, that would help us rule out the possibility of the issue being something that is localised to your own internet connection speed

Next steps:

After gathering this information mentioned in the the questions above, you should now contact the Customer Support Team by phone or via the support portal, once a ticket is raised the Customer Support Advisor will keep you updated on the progress of the speed issue