February 2021

Forms - Scroll to error on page

We have introduced an automatic scroll on all of our forms that will take you direct to any issues on the page when you try to save.

This update will make correcting mistakes on forms and fill in any missing information a very quick task!

Forms - Save & add another

To make the process of creating multiple Users, Accounts, and Courses much easier, there is brand new option available when you click 'Save' on a new object, which allows you to immediately create another!

When creating new objects, such as Users, Course Templates, Resources, and Delegates, you will see a new 'Add Another' button when you save. Clicking this button will refresh your page so that you can immediately created another, saving you the time of going back to the DataGrid to click Add.

We have relabelled the dynamic link options that are available from your DataGrids to make the options available to you much clearer.

Instead of simply labelling the dynamic link as 'Preview', 'Edit', and 'DataGrid', the options now explain what you will be previewing or editing.

Custom Fields - Importing

All custom fields created within the Custom Field Builder are now available within your Importer!

This includes all custom field types (such as free text, date, drop down boxes) across the following import destinations:

  • Users
  • Accounts (companies)
  • Course Templates
  • Courses (dates)
  • User Awards
  • Opportunities

You can use your importer to not only import new information into your custom fields, but also to update in bulk existing information. 

Custom Fields - Opportunity based custom fields

You can now build custom fields for your Opportunities!

This will allow you to configure the enquiry management process to map to your sales processes (smile)

Payment Gateway - New Global Payments Integration

Our integration with Global Payments is now complete and live with full support for refunds.

Please get in touch with a member of the accessplanit team if you would like to talk about using Global Payments.

Delegates - Search using Full Name

Within every Delegate DataGrid & Smart Grid you can now search for Delegates using User Fullname!

Sessional Courses - Spaces Left Updates

For sessional courses, you can now base the 'Spaces Left' on the course on the number of spaces left on its sessions.

For example, if a sessional course has five spaces available, but a mandatory session only has three spaces available, the sessional course will show three spaces left in your admin DataGrids and on your website!

Please get get in touch with a member of our helpdesk team if you would like this enabling on your accessplanit platform.

Document Templates - Generation Options have been relabelled

The three Document Template generation options available to you have been relabelled, they now better describe the three generation options:

Generate & Download

This option will generate the document template and download it for you.

Issue to Delegate's Learner Portal 

This option will generate the document template and publish it to the Learner Portal where the delegate will be able to view & download the document for themselves.

Download Preview

This option will download the document template for you, but it will not mark it as generated.

Bookings - Updates to Total Cost & Total Discount

We have updated the way that Booking Total Cost & Total Discount calculate to make sure this information is more accurate & reliable:

Total Cost

The existing field 'Total Cost' will now be the total gross value of every item within the booking, excluding discounts. Currently this field is dynamic, which means that it can change if a new discount is created, or a price scheme is created, and that the booking meets the criteria for the lower price. Following the change, this field will be static which means it will always reflect the value at the point of booking.

Total Discount

The existing 'Total Discount' field will now also be set at the point of the booking being complete. This will now show the total gross value of delegate & bookings based discounts assigned to the booking (please note that this does not include invoice-based discounts).

New field: Total Net

The new field 'Total Net' is the total net value of every item within the booking, excluding discounts. As with the Total Cost field, this will also be set at the point of booking.

New field: Discounted Net

The new field 'Discounted Net' is the total net value of every delegate and booking based discount on the booking. As with the Total Discount field, this will be set at the point of booking and excludes invoice-based discounts.

Please note: these changes will only apply to bookings made after the update to your accessplanit platform, any bookings made before will remain as they were before the update.

Workflows - View Workflow Name when Editing

As you view and edit your Workflow details, you can now see your Workflow's name. This is especially helpful if you are every copying content from one Workflow to another, or you get distracted while updating your Workflows!

If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Helpdesk Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Portal.