May 2021

Performance Improvements

This release contains several significant performance improvements on your accessplanit platform!

We have heard from you, and seen from our own statistics, that page loading times, saving times, and general platform speed could be improved.

Based on this, we have dedicated several weeks to improving platform speed and stability. These changes include global improvements (such as changes to the way that bulk edits and imports run), and targeted improvements to specific pages, including the Invoices DataGrid, the Opportunities DataGrid, the search functionality, and the Communications DataGrid.

Notes - Configure your own Note Types

You can now add, edit, and delete Note Types!

This allows you to completely configure the options available in the Note Types drop-down box, which means you can more accurately search for, report on, and filter on your /wiki/spaces/HG/pages/381321259!

Add and edit your Note Types via the Custom List Items page:

Your Note Types can then be assigned to your notes!

To read more about Notes please see /wiki/spaces/HG/pages/381321259!

Notes - Access more Notes from the Accounts & Users Notes pages

If you currently struggle to see how frequently a user has transferred from course to course; or you struggle to get the full picture of what has gone on with an Account recently, this update is for you!

For easier account management, the /wiki/spaces/HG/pages/381321259page available for each Account will no longer just contain notes that are mapped directly to the Account. This Notes page will also give you visibility of any notes mapped to:

  • Delegate records for this Account
  • Placeholder records owned by this Account
  • Opportunity records where the linked to account is this Account
  • Invoice records where the invoice target is this Account

Similar to the Account Notes page above, the Notes page available for each User will no longer just contain notes that are mapped directly to that User. This Notes page will also give you visibility of any notes mapped to:

  • Delegate records for this user
  • User award records for this user
  • Placeholder records owned by this user
  • Opportunity records where the linked to user is this user
  • Invoice records where the invoice target is this user

These changes mean that you can get a full picture of what has recently happened for an Account or User from one page!

For example, an Account Manager can look at their Account to see; any invoice notes (have they paid their invoice?), any opportunity notes (are they due a call back tomorrow about their enquiry?), and any delegate notes (did their delegates all turn up to the First Aid course last week?).

You can also view a User's Notes to look for patterns, such as a user that frequently cancels or transfers from your courses!

To read more about notes please see /wiki/spaces/HG/pages/381321259!

Products & Services - Available in the Transfer Wizard

The Delegate Transfer Wizard now contains Product & Service options!

If the Delegate that you are transferring has any products & service purchases, you can now decide to cancel or keep these purchases.

  • If you decide to keep the purchases, after the transfer they will be updated to now map to the new delegate.
  • If you decide to cancel the purchases, after the transfer the purchase(s) will be marked as cancelled and any payments made for them so far will be refunded and credited on the original invoice. You can choose to 'keep the refund local' for these refunds, which will only log the refund in your accessplanit platform, instead of instructing your payment gateway (such as Stripe, Opayo, PayPal) to complete the refund.

If the course that you are transferring your delegate to has products & services attached, you can now add these to the new delegate!

Please note that you are only able to cancel products & services that are directly linked to your delegates. If a product a service is simply purchased alongside a course, you will not be able to cancel it when you transfer your delegate. This is controlled by the Product & Service option "User Is Mandatory For Purchases", ticking this for your product & service will ensure the purchase is mapped to the delegate.

API Feeds - Filter the Courses API Feed

It is now possible to filter the Courses API Feed! This allows you to limit the results of the Courses feed, displaying only the courses that you require for your integration!

For example; only include courses that are advertised, only include courses that are not exclusive, only include courses that contain "first aid" in it's name

The following fields can be filtered:

  • Course is advertised
  • Course is exclusive
  • Course is sessional
  • Course start date
  • Course end date
  • Advertised start date
  • Advertised end date
  • External ID
  • Course name
  • Company ID (training provider)
  • Course status
  • Duration type
  • Aims
  • Course Date ID
  • Minimum sessions

  • Maximum sessions

  • Places remaining

Here are some example filters that you will be able to use with your API Feeds!

Only include advertised courses:

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?CourseIsAdvertised=true

Only include courses that are not advertised:

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?CourseIsAdvertised=false

Only include a specific course

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?CourseDateID=12066

Only include courses with more than 3 places remaining (gt = greater than)

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?PlacesRemaining=gt:3

Only include courses with less than 2 places remaining (let = less than)

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?PlacesRemaining=lt:2

Only include courses starting at 5th Oct 2021 at 9am

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?StartDate=2021-10-05T09:00:00

Only include courses starting w/c 28th June 

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?StartDate=gt:2021-06-28T07:59:59&lt:2021-07-02T18:00:00

Only include courses that contain the words "First Aid" in the name

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?Name=“First Aid”

Only include available courses

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?Status=Available

Exclude courses that are cancelled or completed

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?Status=not:Completed&Status=not:Cancelled

API Feeds - Additional Information available in the Courses API Feed

We have made several new fields available in the Courses API Feed, these fields are really useful if you would like to use this feed to advertise your courses on your website!

  • Course is advertised (true or false)
  • Course is exclusive (true or false)
  • Advertised Start Date
  • Advertised End Date
  • Max Places
  • Min Places

We have now also added information about sessions into the Courses API Feed, this includes the following information:

  • The name of the session
  • Is the session mandatory
  • The cost for the session if it is booked alongside the course
  • The number of places available on the session
  • The status of the session
  • The date range of the session
  • The course template type of the session

Invoices - Search for Invoices on full Invoice Reference

You can now search in your Invoices DataGrid by the full invoice reference, previously you could only search using the Reference Number and/or the Reference Prefix, i.e. 'INV' and '00006'


You are now able to simply copy your entire invoice reference and use this within your search criteria i.e. 'INV00006'


This small change makes searching for your invoices much easier, especially if you have multiple training providers each with their own invoice prefix!

Accounts - See all employees in the Employees tab of an Account

The Employees tab available from the Accounts page now contains every user that has an active employment record with this Account.

Previously this tab only included users that had this Account set as their 'Main Account'

This page now properly reflects the number of people that are currently working for this Account!

Checkout - Define your PO Number Settings

You can now decide when your PO Number box displays in your Checkout shopping basket!

Please note that this only applies to the new /wiki/spaces/HW/pages/861569025, not accessplanit's the older Shopping Basket tool.

You can, first of all, decide if you would like to include the PO Number in your Payment step of Checkout.

If you do include the PO Number, you can then decide whether it is displayed for all payment methods, or only for users that are making a payment using an invoice.

You can then decide if the PO Number should be mandatory or optional.

Finally, you can change the label of the PO Number, for example: 'Purchase Order Number'.

Sessional Courses - Filter your Class & Web Course DataGrids by Parent Course

You can now filter your Class & Web Course DataGrids by parent course, and include the parent course information within your DataGrids!

This not only provides a quick shortcut to the parent (sessional) course for each session from your DataGrid, it also allows you to filter your DataGrid to only show sessions, or only show the sessions for a specific course.

If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Helpdesk Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Portal.