November 2021

API Feeds - Filter the Delegates Feed

It is now possible to filter the Delegates API Feed! This allows you to limit the results of the Delegates feed, displaying only the delegates that you require for your integration!

For example; only include delegates that have the status of booked, only include delegates that have been updated today, only include delegates that are assigned to a specific course, or only include delegates that were booked this week.

The following fields can be filtered:

  • Date Booked

  • Date Updated

  • Status

  • Score

  • Course Date ID

  • User ID

Here are some example filters that you will be able to use with your API Feeds!

Only include delegates from a specific course

  • {{apiroot}}/delegates?CourseDateID=12066

Only include delegates with a score of 80 or more (gt = greater than)

  • {{apiroot}}/delegates?Score=gt:79

Only include delegates with a score less than 40 (lt = less than)

  • {{apiroot}}/delegates?Score=lt:40

Only include delegates booked during a timeframe  

  • {{apiroot}}/delegates?Score=gt:2021-10-01T07:59:59&lt:2021-11-30T18:00:00

Only include delegates with a status of Completed

  • {{apiroot}}/delegates?Status=Completed

Exclude delegates that are cancelled or provisional

  • {{apiroot}}/coursedates?Status=not:cancelled&Status=not:provisional

API Feeds - Filter on NULL and not NULL

Both the Delegates & Courses API Filters have been expanded to work with NULL and not NULL options

Here are some example filters that you can use with these feeds:




Import - Email Address available in Delegate Import Profiles

When importing delegates into your accessplanit, whether this is by an automated import from another system, or a top up import of your bookings, Email Address is now an available field!

If you have the accessplanit User ID for the delegates you are importing, you can use this to set the email address for the users that you are assigning to courses.

If you have unique email addresses in your platform (i.e. none of your users share an email address), then you can use the email address as the unique identifier for the user - saving you from having to look up their User ID for the import!

Opayo - Update to V4

This release includes an update to our Opayo integration.

Your accessplanit platform will now use Opayo V4 which is required ahead of the PSD2 deadline in March 2022.

If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Customer Support Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Portal.