August 2021

API Feed - Speed Improvements

We have optimised our API Feeds this release so that they run significantly quicker!

This is great news if you use the feeds to integrate your accessplanit platform with any other software, as slow API integrations can cause the process to stall, and affect performance of not only the integration but also potentially of the software!

If you do not yet use accessplanit's API Feeds and you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with your accessplanit CSM.

DataGrids - Unapply all Filters

Among the many updates to DataGrids in this release, we’ve added a brand-new button in your filters bar which will unapply every currently applied filter. 

This is a big time saver if you are frequently swapping the filters that are applied to your DataGrids!

DataGrid - Usability Improvements 

In addition to the new Unapply button, there are several more updates to DataGrids in this release!

  1. Your DataGrid headers will now freeze at the top of your page as you scroll down 

  2. We have updated the 'Add' buttons across the DataGrids to contain the name of the item that you are adding.

  3. We have updated the Search options in the DataGrids to contain the name of the item that you are searching for.

These DataGrid improvements will make learning how to use DataGrids much easier to any new members of your team!

Forms - Hyperlink Fields

We’ve added hyperlinks to a number of different fields within your forms. These hyperlinks provide shortcuts to the most popular pages of your accessplanit platform, allowing you to access key information more easily. 

For example, on a Delegate record you can now access a dropdown that allows you to instantly preview the course details or edit the user.

As another example, you can now navigate directly to Edit the Linked to Account & Linked to Users from your Opportunities:

Simply click on the links to access the new options!

Delegates - Transfer Delegates from Sessions

You can now transfer delegates from sessions!

While it has always been possible to transfer your delegates from sessional courses and standalone non-sessional courses, it has not been possible to transfer delegates from courses where they are attending it as a part of a bigger course.

The Transfer Wizard has now been updated to allow you to transfer delegates from sessions, from this you can transfer them to other sessions or to entirely different courses if desired. 

This is a big timesaver if you frequently have delegates that attend most of their course but need to attend one or two different sessions from another scheduled course!

Please speak to a member of the accessplanit team to have this option enabled on your platform.

Delegates - Transferred To and Transferred From Information

There are two brand new columns available to add to your Delegates DataGrids to give you a clear picture of the transfers that have happened for your delegates - Transferred From and Transferred To!

You can also filter your DataGrids and Workflows using these columns to only include delegates who have (or haven't!) been transferred to a course.

For example, you can now build different Booking Confirmation Workflows for those delegates who have been booked directly onto a course, and those who have been transferred there from another course, by using the 'Transferred From ID' rule within your Delegate Workflows:

Workflows - Clone Workflows

If you regularly need to create new Workflows you will definitely benefit from our new Clone Workflow option!

This option is available from your Workflows DataGrid, and will create an entirely new Workflow with the same details, settings and actions of the original Workflow. Your new 'clone' will not copy any of the instances and errors attached to the original.

All Workflow clones will initially be set as 'inactive', giving you time and space to make changes to it before it starts to trigger emails, tasks and notes!

Login Page - Incorrect Password Message Update

We have updated the standard Incorrect Password messages that display to your users if they enter the wrong password while they are logging in.

The new messages contains a direct link to encourage your users to create a new password, instead of continuing to try and login with an old password and locking their account.  

It is still possible to configure the message that is displayed to your users when they do lock their account in your Password Policy options:

My Details - Password Options

It is now much easier for you and your team to update your own password in your accessplanit platform!

Simply head over to your details page via the top right of your platform

Then set your new password in the 'Password' and 'Confirm Password' options, and click Save!

Custom Fields - Share Course Templates Custom Fields to Courses & Delegates

If you need to reference any of your custom information stored against your Course Templates when you are viewing your Courses or Delegates, you can now share each of your Course Template custom fields with the Courses module, the Delegates module, or both!

You will then be able to access these fields from your Course & Delegate Workflows and DataGrids.

Imports - Support for Importing Delegate Cost & Cost Type

The Delegate Import tool now has support for Delegate Cost & Delegate Cost Type!

This is very handy if you need to import a selection of delegates that should be charged an alternative cost to the cost of the course.

Accounts - Select a Parent Account Group when creating an Account Group

You can now select the Parent Account Group(s) that your new Account Groups belong to. This gives you much better control of your Account Group structure and reduces the chance of your Accounts and Account Groups becoming inaccessible to you, as you can ensure that they belong to a Parent that you can access.

If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Customer Support Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Portal.