Server Migration Procedure

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After a Server Migration Request has been raised, a ticket will be created and held by a member of our Support Team. This ticket will then be assigned to a Key Contact from the your organisation. Communications will then be done via the ticket between the Support team member and yourselves. A server upgrade can result in up to four hours of downtime of the platform and the Support team member will inform you of this. 

You will also be informed of the new sever IP address from the Support team member via the ticket created within the Support Portal. 

Information Required

Below is the information that we will ask for from you when a Server Migration is required:

  1. Do you use Single Sign On (SSO) to log into your accessplanit? 

    1. If yes, we need the details of the SSO service. 

    2. If yes, the customer needs to white list the IP address of the new server before the Server Migration takes place.

  2. Does your accessplanit have its own SSL Certificate?

    1. If yes you will either:

      1. Update your SSL Certificate will need to be updated at the time of the migration.

      2. Create a new one from us, providing a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) if you do not use a wildcard certificate.

  3. Do you require direct database access?

  4. What payment gateway(s) does your platform use for bookings?

  5. Does your platform have a custom URL?

  6. Does your platform have any scheduled custom or financial exports/imports?

  7. Does your platform have any integrations with any other systems?

    1. If yes, this will require you to white list the new IP address with these other integrated systems before the Server Migration takes place.

Once we have all of this information from you, the Server Migration will take place at a date and time that was agreed upon by both parties.


Once all necessary actions on our side have taken place after receiving all information required from you, the Support team member will inform you on the ticket in the Support Portal that the Server Migration has taken place successfully.

If your platform uses third party connections, has direct database access and/or uses a custom SSL certificate, we will need you to confirm to us that previous actions can still be undertaken such as taking payments through your payment gateway.

Once all of the above have been completed, the ticket can be marked as resolved.


Why would we need to move server?

If your accessplanit platform is on an older server, it may not run as quickly or efficiently as expected. For this to be fixed, we would request information from you to we are able to move you onto a newer server. If you have requested to be on your own stand-alone sever, this would also need to take place.

How much down-time should I expect when our platform is moved onto a new server?

Your platform may need to be switched off for up to four hours whilst we migrate your data to a new server.

Will the Server Migration really take four hours?

This depends on how much data there is to move, but four hours is the time frame provided to ensure there are no problems.