GDPR - EU General Data Protection Regulation

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Here, you’ll discover how your software has been updated in response to the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. The GDPR aims primarily to give control back to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU. 

The regulation became enforceable on 25 May 2018.

Update to marketing opt-in preference for all Users

A field has been added to all User records to allow for opt-in information. The default of this field will be that Users have not opted-in for marketing communications. This provides a great opportunity to re-verify your existing database.

Users that are not opted-in for marketing communications will not receive any communications defined as marketing within eCampaign Types (see change: Define which eCampaigns Types should be considered as marketing). This change will not impact Workflows or non-marketing emails. 

If you wish for all contacts to be reverted to their previous opt-in state, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Allow contacts to manage their subscription preferences

Each time you send a marketing communication, the recipient will be presented with the ability to manage their email preferences. They can access this by selecting the Unsubscribe link in the footer of the email. They are presented with the options to opt-in to all marketing, to unsubscribe from all marketing or to define the email lists they want to be subscribed to (this list is populated from the eCampaign Types that you define).


Recipients can choose to stay subscribed to specific email lists by selecting these from the Subscribed Email Lists drop down box. Alternatively, they can choose to unsubscribe from all lists. They can also opt-out of all marketing communications (which would include eCampaigns without an assigned eCampaign Type).

Updates to password security

To ensure that your accessplanit platform remains secure, we’ve updated the password policy and procedures to prevent unauthorised access. The following updates strengthen your data security further:

  • New passwords will no longer be generated within the platform; passwords must be reset via the emailed link.

  • Stronger encryption for all stored passwords has been applied.

Note: This won’t affect the way you and your Delegates log in to the software. 

Changes to Legacy

Marketing Opt-In options added for Administrators and Users

A marketing opt-in option has been added to the Legacy platform on the following pages. This means that Administrators and Users can now have the option to opt-in to to marketing communications. Users are defined as any permission level below Administrator.

Changes for Administrators

Administrators can access this option, or the User can access it through their own Account.

For an Administrator accessing the area, navigate to Administration > Users/Employees > Personal tab and find a Receive Marketing tick box at the bottom of the page. Check Receive Marketing for the User to receive any communications defined as marketing in the platform.

Changes for Users

For an individual accessing this area, navigate to my account > edit my details. The Receive Marketing check box can be found at the bottom right hand side of the Details panel.

Changes to the New platform

Marketing Opt-In field available in the Import Tool

When importing data using the Import Tool, you can now define a User's existing marketing preferences which will be applied to all communications defined as marketing. You can also re-import existing Users in order to update their opt-in preferences.

MarketingOptIn has been added as a field that you can include in your Import Profiles when the destination of User is selected.


Please navigate to the following articles for further details on Import Jobs and Import Profiles.

Marketing Opt-In option added for Administrators

A Marketing Opt-In field has been added to User records to allow for manually opting-in Users to marketing. You can find the field under the Contact area of the User Maintenance record.

This option is found under the Users DataGrid and allows training Administrators to view or amend individual users subscriptions.

For an Administrator accessing the area, navigate to Users, select the User and right click on Edit. Navigate to the Contact tab to update the Marketing Opt-In check box. Contact Preferences are towards the bottom right hand side of the screen. When the box is checked, the User will be subscribed to marketing emails.

Allow platform users to update their marketing opt-in preference

Users can update their marketing opt-in preference in the My Details area. 

For an admin accessing this area select the Profile icon and select your name to access the My Details area.

At the bottom of this page there is a Contact section. Navigate to the bottom of this section to find the Marketing Opt-In check box. When the box is checked, the User will be subscribed to marketing emails.

Define which eCampaigns Types should be considered as marketing

In the Administration section of the software, there is now an eCampaign Types option.

This area allows you to create Types that work in conjunction with your eCampaigns. When setting up your eCampaign Types, you now have the ability to check if the emails within this category will fall under marketing using an Is Marketing check box.

When Is Marketing is checked for an eCampaign (or if a type has not been set), when the eCampaign is sent the Opt-In list will be applied and an Unsubscribe link will automatically be added to the bottom of the recipients email.

 You can define the eCampaign Type when creating an eCampaign email using the eCampaign drop down.

Changes to the Learner Portal

Allow Delegates to update marketing preferences in the Learner Portal

Delegates now have the option to change their marketing opt-in preferences within the Learner Portal.

Delegate updating marketing preferences in Learner Portal

Changes to the Shopping Basket

Include a Privacy Policy link alongside Delegate registration process

Within your Shopping Basket registration form, you can now include a link to your Privacy Policy meaning Delegates are informed upfront of how their data will be processed and protected.  

The information in the Privacy Policy can be added in the Administration area of your platform by navigating to Shopping Basket 3 Options. This means that you can easily update your Privacy Policy as and when required.

Positive opt-in for marketing on your registration forms

We have provided the ability for you to update your Email Marketing check box within the Shopping Basket to allow for opt-in rather than opt-out. You can now also include a link to the Privacy Policy from the marketing step, so Delegates understand what they are signing up for.

Opt-in check box within Shopping Basket marketing step

Our Cookie Policy explains how accessplanit use cookies within your accessplanit application. It explains what these technologies are and why we use them, as well as your rights to control our use of them. 

You can access our Cookie Policy here:


Can I use Workflows for my marketing campaigns? 

Workflows are a transactional email tool that are not designed for marketing purposes therefore, opt-in criteria will not be applied to Workflow communications. 

If you want to use the accessplanit platform for your marketing campaigns, take a look at our eCampaigns module.

I’m not sure my processes are legal. Are you able to advise me?

Sorry, we’re unable to offer any legal advice. All companies must assess their own data processing activities to ensure they are GDPR-compliant.

If you have any queries regarding your rights, responsibilities and legal obligations relating to GDPR, please consult a qualified legal practitioner.

Where can I find out more about GDPR, and how it affects me?

For further information, you can head over to the ICO’s official GDPR portal.

Can I request additional changes to the platform?

If you have any questions about any of the developments or if you need any further information please get in touch with our Product Manager Jenna Culshaw on

Have an idea that you think will make the platform even better? Add it as a Product Suggestion.