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Your suggestions for new features and improvements are the lifeblood of our Product Roadmap! Our training success platform has been built on customer feedback (over 50% of all new features were ideas and suggestions that come directly from training professionals), and that's how we will continue to innovate your accessplanit platform.

When you log on to your training success platform, you’ll find our Product Roadmap & Suggestion Portal option at the top within the Help section. This is your portal; a space to review potential upcoming developments and contribute your thoughts, suggest brand new ideas and offer feedback so the platform can be developed with your thoughts and needs in mind!

If you would like to be more active within our product innovation, with our planning and designing of new features, please enquire about joining our Loop Club!

The Loop Club is a group of accessplanit customers who we go to first when we have some designs to test or talk through, we get in touch with members of the club to see if they are free and would like to have a call or prototype session, with obligation each time, read move about this in the section below.

Product Suggestions & our Product Roadmap

Submitting your thoughts on a potential development

We keep a list of areas that we are looking to develop & new features within the 'Under Consideration' tab of our Roadmap:

These are the features that we would love your opinion on! Simply click on a feature that you would like to see, or that you have a comment for, and log your thoughts along with the priority for you:


Submitting brand new ideas

If you have an idea that isn't already listed in the 'Under Consideration' tab, you can submit it from the top of the portal using the 'Submit Idea' button!
Make sure you include a good description of your idea and select how important it is to you and your business.

Managing your ideas

All new ideas land in our Head of Product's inbox for review, these will the be logged against the area of the platform that they relate to, and if valid and align with our product strategy will be made available on the 'Under Consideration' tab for our other customers to look at and submit their own thoughts about it!



Once accessplanit have decided that an idea should go ahead, whether this is because it has had a lot if interest, or will help a lot of accessplanit users, it will move into the 'Planned' tab. At this stage you can still submit your thoughts (or questions!) about the upcoming feature.


Approximately every 6 weeks accessplanit releases new features and improvements, all of this is covered within our release notes and video (see here in our helpguide!) but you can also keep track of the various items within the 'Launched' tab of our Roadmap


Product Loop Club

At accessplanit we are continually working on improvements and new features for your platform, using your ideas from product suggestions and our own ideas from the accessplanit team, we build up our upcoming feature list.

Even if we are 100% confident that we know exactly what a new feature should do, and how it should look, we always try to get in touch with our customers to make sure we are right, before we jump head-first into development!

We know that a lot of you would love to share your thoughts on how a new feature could work through conversations with us, prototype sessions, or workshops (and you may have already done so in the past!), so to make sure we don't overlook you when we are looking for feedback, we have formed our Loop club.

What exactly is involved?

Whether it is taking a look at some design ideas for a potential feature, running through a prototype, or having a quick phone call with our Product team to talk about existing pains, we would first get in touch with you to explain what we're looking for, and see if you would like to take part, if so we'll arrange a date in the calendar that works for you.

The sessions will typically be between 30 mins and 1 hour, run virtually. Afterwards we'll keep you in the loop with the progress we make!

What is in it for me?

As well as playing a big part in defining how new features will be designed and developed for your accessplanit platform, you will also be able to request early access to new features ahead of their public release!

I'm interested, can I get some more information?

Yes! If you would like to go ahead and submit your name for our Product Feedback club, or if you would like to have a chat with us to find out more information, please get in touch with Tom, our Product Designer, at