File Store Overview

The File Store is for storing documents for use throughout your platform. You can store documents such as course documentation, maps, images, and terms and conditions, which can then be used for reference and/or included in emails that you send. Files stored against your Courses can also be made available to your Delegates within their Learner Portal and Trainers within their Trainer Access - My Teaching page.

If you are having issues with the File Store, please visit this related Troubleshooting page.

To learn how to use the File Store, click here.

Click here for a video tutorial on using the File Store.

Where to find the File Store

The File Store is available in the left-hand menu. 

Adding a file to the File Store

Before you add a file to the File Store, you'll need to fill out a few fields first. Here's an overview of what they all mean:

This is the name of your file. We recommend naming your file something easily identifiable to save from confusion later.

Here, you can enter in further details about what your file includes.

This is the file associated with the File Store item. You can change or upload the file by clicking browse.

Mapped to
The Mapped to field tells you where in the platform this file can be used. A file in the File Store can be mapped against a specific Account, Course Template, Course, Meeting, Opportunity, Resource, Saved Form, or User.