Trainer Access Overview

My Teaching is an area available to Trainers to manage the training aspects of the course dates they have been assigned to. 

To learn how to set up a Trainer as a Resource, click here.

For Trainers to learn how to use their area of accessplanit, click here.

How do I set up a Trainer with My Teaching?

When setting up a Trainer Resource, My Teaching can be configured by ticking the My Teaching Access box:

You will then be given a series of options, allowing you to configure varying levels of access to functionality, the specifics are as follows:

  • Set Unavailability - This option allows access to Resource Calendar, so that Trainers can mark when they are or aren't available. 
  • File Store - This allows access to Files stored against courses. 

Admins have the ability to map File Store files to Courses via the "File Store" link when editing the Course. When you add a file, you can tick a box to say Trainers can access it.  When File Store Trainers can then access this file by going to their Course list > Right-click > File Store

  • Course Notes - Allows a Trainer access to the notes tab stored against course dates
  • View Notes - Allows the Trainer to right click - view notes stored against courses
  • Create Notes - Allows the Trainer to add their own notes to this list.
  • Edit Notes - Allows the Trainer to make changes to existing notes stored against courses. 
  • View Survey Submissions - Allows Trainers to view survey responses/submissions that Delegates have made in relation to the course they are booked against.
  • Modify Course Status - Allows Trainers to make changes to the status of a course date.
  • Generate Register Sheet/Generate Sign-in Sheet - this will allow trainers to generate/issue documents to delegates, such as Sign in Sheets and Registers

These Documents are saved against Courses as Document Templates, and are accessible by Admins via Administration > Document Templates

  • Signatures - On the Trainers Course DataGrid, they can right-click the Course and have an option for Signatures (can't remember exactly what the menu option is called). When they click this menu option accessplanit gives them the option to draw in and save a signature per Delegate
  • Delegate Access - Gives the Trainers access to view the Delegates on a Course they are training.
  • Modify Delegate Contact Details - Allows Trainers the ability to edit contact information for their delegates. 
  • Add Delegates to Course Date/Replace Delegate - For non-private bookings, this option allows the Trainer to add/replace delegates onto the course date in question. When replacing delegates, they are restricted to delegates that have the same account as those they are replacing. 
  • Modify Delegate Status Details - This allows trainers to amend a Delegate's Status on the Course (i.e. attended, booked, provisional etc.). They are also able to do this in bulk.

What can my Trainers do in My Teaching?

In this area, trainers can:

  • Update the status of course dates.
  • Mark Delegate attendance.
  • Generate documents, including sign in sheets.
  • View notes against course dates and Delegates.
  • Access Delegate responses to pre-training questionnaires.
  • Accept or decline training requests.
  • Define availability. 

Where to find My Teaching 

My Teaching is available in the left-hand menu. 

Trainers have access to the following three areas:

Trainers can manage the details of the course dates they have been assigned to including updating courses statuses, marking delegate attendance, and generating course documents.

From here, your Trainers can accept or decline course dates they have been requested to carry out.

The Calendar allows Trainers to view their schedule and mark their availability.