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In this section, you will find all the information you need on the latest updates and enhancements to your accessplanit platform!


Latest Update


The November 2023 update included:

  • Support for Barclays ePDQ & Partial Payments within the Checkout basket

  • A new column in the Credit Notes DataGrid to view the Linked Invoices that each Credit Note has been used on

  • Resource-based Custom Fields


2023 Updates


The September 2023 update included:

  • All / Any DataGrid Filters

  • Support for Account & Account Group Price Schemes within the Checkout basket


The March 2023 update included:

  • Updates to the accessplanit financial API Feeds

  • More features available in the Checkout basket

  • The ability to send out your Document Templates in a Word format in Workflows


The January 2023 update included:

  • An update to our Exchange Integration

  • A logo update


Past Years