How To: Legacy Reports

How to run the Report Wizard

  1. Navigate to the Reports > Legacy DataGrid.

  2. Right click on the Report that you would like to run and select View. You will be taken the to first stage of the Report's Wizard.

  3. This page will display a short description of what the Report will show you once you have completed the Wizard:

  4. Complete the required fields on the first stage of the Wizard.

  5. Move onto the next page by clicking Next:

  6. Continue through the stages of the Report's Wizard until you reach the final Report page:

  7. Once you are happy with your Report, select Save.

  8. If you find yourself frequently using the same filter options within your legacy Report, click on the 'Save' button on the final stage of the Report to save your settings
  9. The next time you run this Report you will be able to 'Load' them on the first stage.

How to export a Report

  1. To export a Report, first run through the Report Wizard so that you have your final results displayed on the page.

  2. Click on Export.

  3. Then select the format that you would like your Report to be in:

  4. Click Export to download your Report.

How to view and edit Report permissions

  1. Navigate to the Reports > Legacy DataGrid.

  2. Right click on the Report that you would like view/amend the permissions of and select either:
    Edit Permissions
    View Permissions

  3. Once you have opened the Permissions Page, you can select Account Groups, Accounts, Roles, Job Roles, and Users to include for access to the Report.

  4. Click Save to apply your changes.