April 2022

Your April 2022 update features support for including rebook and transfer fees


Course Income - Including Transfer & Rebook Fees in your Course Income

The Transfer and Rebook tools for your Delegates & Placeholders mean that you can quickly move them to an alternative course, or add them back onto a course that they have previously cancelled.

Within both of these tools you can apply a transfer or rebook fee to cover your administrative costs, and following our next update, you will be able to include this income within your course profitability numbers!

Transferring a delegate with a transfer fee

This is an opt-in feature, so if you would like this enabling in your accessplanit platform, please get in touch with a member of the accessplanit team.

How will the profitability numbers look?

When your accessplanit platform is set up to include Transfer & Rebook Fees in your course income, you will see that the 'Invoiced' value in your profitability numbers now includes both the cost of the course and the cost of the fee!

Profitability items table showing four delegates where one has a transfer fee included

For transferred delegates, the fee is logged against the delegate's new course (that they have transferred to) rather than their old course (that they transferred from).

If I transfer a delegate twice, what happens to their transfer fees?

The transfer fee will apply to the course that the delegate is transferred to when the fee is applied; so if a delegate is transferred with a fee, and then transferred again, their final course income will only include the fee from their most recent transfer.

Does it work with negative transfer & rebook fees?

Yes! We call negative transfer and rebook fees 'transfer discounts' and 'rebook discounts', and these work in the same way.

To make use of this new feature, please get in touch with a member of the accessplanit team to have this enabled in your platform!

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