Web Courses Overview

Web Courses are very similar to Class Courses in that they have a specific date and you can attach Trainers to the course. However, they do not have a venue, as the Delegate will access the course online. Instead, you provide an online venue link such as Zoom, GoToWebinar or WebEx. 

Web courses can be confused with eLearning courses. The main difference is that an eLearning course is classed as face to screen learning;  a delegate can carry out eLearning alone, and all that is required to complete an elearning course is a computer with internet access.

A Web course still needs a trainer, and has a set time and date. Attendees launch the course from their browser in much the same way as an elearning course, but there is a trainer running the course that all the delegates can see over the internet in a live broadcast format using a webinar/online delivery tool of your choice. 

To learn how to set up and use Web Courses, view: How To: Web Courses.

This video walks you through Web Course setup. 

Key Differences Between a Web Course and eLearning 

A Web course has advantages over eLearning because there is real-time engagement with the course tutor and the other delegates. It is a virtual classroom environment that often makes use of webcams and a step-by-step lesson from the tutor or trainer that is carried out at a speed that suits the whole class' learning ability. A webinar is live and can be interacted with, meaning that questions can be asked,  and information can be reviewed and talked about in more detail if required. An eLearning course, on the other hand, is predetermined, and the learner cannot interact with others through the course.

Advantages of a Web Course over a Classroom Course

Firstly, the Delegates do not need to travel to the course so this saves money on travel, accommodation, venue hire, and also opens up the course internationally. If, for whatever reason travel is not possible, a Delegate can get the same level of engagement in a Web Course as they can in a Classroom Course without the worry of finding the location, arranging the travel, and navigating to the venue. 

Properties of a Web Course

Web Courses differ very little from Class Courses; they contain many of the same fields and are set up in a very similar way. However, as they are delivered online, they have no need to include a venue. Instead, Web courses have a section called Webinar Details where you can enter a webinar link to send out to Trainers and Delegates ahead of the course start date.