Exclusivity of Courses

In this area, you can specify the Exclusivity of the Course or Course Template you have created.

Where do I find Exclusivity?

You will find the Exclusivity tab on the left hand side when you edit a Course or Course Template.

What is Exclusivity?

Exclusivity means you can specify which Accounts or Account Groups are allowed to book onto a course on the platform. If the Delegate booking the course doesn't belong in one of the exclusive Accounts/Account Groups, then they will not be able to continue with booking the course.

Exclusivity can be set against a Course Template, which will then be inherited by the Course Date when it is scheduled. You can also set Exclusivity only for a specific Course Date, if it is a one-off, rather than for all courses with the same Course Template.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why am I still able to book onto a Course that is exclusive to 'X' Account ID, when currently my Main Account is set to 'Y' Account ID?

Main Account is tracked separately to Employment Details - whenever someone's main account is changed, their pre-existing account remains as a record on their employment history. 

Exclusivity is based on Employment, rather than Main Account - so if a user needs to be excluded from a course, you need to make sure that the exclusive account ID isn't in that user's employment history! (smile)