Phase 1 & 2 Outcomes


Before the implementation phase begins, you will be asked to choose your phase 1 & 2 outcomes.

These essentially translate into your primary and secondary objectives. The focus during first 42 days of the project will be on meeting the primary objectives and the latter half of the project focusing on the secondary although that is not to say that work on the secondary objectives will both start during the first half.

The idea is for you to be able to start using the platform for some of your key process by day 42 with then a focus on refining those processes further and focusing on secondary objectives before the end of the project.

Everyone's objectives and priorities are different, so we will ask for up to 3 phase one objectives listed below.

We've found that 3 is that magic number of phase one objectives as 42 days is just enough time to complete the platform set up and data build, for you to undergo training and start adjusting to the new platform

External training companiesInternal training companies

Course Administration

CommunicationsCourse AdministrationCommunications
Task ManagementTask Management
Course & Delegate ManagementCourse & Delegate Management
Resourcing and SchedulingDiary ManagementResource & SchedulingDiary Management
Optimising ProfitabilityCost Tracking
External Trainer ManagementManaging External Training
BookingBooking AdministrationComplianceStaff competency
Registration ProcessIncreased insight
Online Booking and PaymentTracking qualification expiration's
Customer Service Customer Communications Employee OwnershipEmpowering employees
Account ManagementEmployee engagement
Using customer feedbackUsing customer feedback
Sales & MarketingLead generationManager AccountabilityEmpowering managers
Email marketingTeam visibility
Opportunity ManagementTraining authorisation management
FinanceInvoicing processReportingData insight
Cash flow managementCreating and distributing reports
Vouchers, discounts & promotionsMeasuring training effectiveness