How To: Import Course Awards

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Warning: We highly recommend and always suggest that you run an Import Job on your test platform first, before you upload the data on live.

To learn how to complete an Import Job, click here.

Creating the Import Profile

First, you need to create an Import Profile to user for the upload. Click here for more information on how to do this.

For Awards you will need to create a Course Award Destination.

The following fields will need to be Key Fields for the Course Award import.

  • awardid- This is the ID of the Award that you are linking to the Course Template

  • courseid - This is the ID of the Course Template you are linking to the Award

The following field is also mandatory for this import but not a Key Field:

  • Type - This is the type of association to the Course Template and can be one of the following: 

    • Unit Awards = 4

    • Awarded Awards = 1

    • Preferred Awards = 3

    • Required Awards = 2

Please note you must use the numeric fields above and not the text when importing Course Awards. 

Filling in the Import File

Then, you need to create your import file that you will use to upload the data. Below is a sample file showing you how to format it:

Course Award.csv

All imports should be uploaded in a CSV format, as they lack formatting that would otherwise be included within the file.