How To: Accounts


How to create and manage Accounts

  1. Navigate to the Accounts DataGrid in the left-hand menu.  You can refer to the DataGrid guide by clicking here.

  2. Click Add in the top left of the DataGrid.

  3. In the Account Details page, enter all of the relevant details of the Account.

  4. Click Save  to save your Account. You will now be able to access the additional Account Maintenance page tabs.

How to move Accounts between Account Groups

  1. Navigate to the Accounts DataGrid.

  2. Select one or more Accounts within the DataGrid.

  3. Once you have selected the Accounts you would like to change the Account Group of, select Bulk Edit.

  4.  From the drop-down selector, select Account Group ID.

  5. Click Select at the far right hand side of the screen. Clicking this option opens up a DataGrid that contains all of your existing Account Groups.

  6. Selecting any of the rows and clicking OK will add the existing Account(s) to the Account Group(s) you have chosen.


If I have accidentally deleted an Account, can I get it back or 'un-delete' it? 

If an Account is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. 

Can Accounts be renamed? 

Yes. This will be reflected system-wide, so always make sure that all of your Administrators are in agreement before changing anything.

Can I look at an Account and see what group(s) it belongs to? 

Yes, right-click and select Edit on the Account you are interested in, then select 'Groups' from the left-hand sub-menu. This will show a list of all currently associated Account Groups.

Note: You can add or remove Company Groups from this section that relate to the specific Account you have selected.  

An employee has moved to another place of work. Can I move them?

Yes. To do this you need to be in the User Maintenance screen. Hover over the User, right click and Edit. Navigate to the Employment Tab, click on the green Add button at the top of the grid, add the details for the new employer and Start Date then hit save. Hover over the previous employment, right click and Edit, and then change the End Date so you can clearly see who the User now works for.