November 2020

Products & Services - Capture Shipping Address

For each of the Products & Services that you offer, either alongside your courses or separately, you can now specify if a shipping address is required!

When your customers purchase an item that requires a shipping address, they will provide this at the end of the shopping basket process before they checkout:

Their shipping address is then stored against their purchases, which are available to you from the Purchases DataGrid to view, edit, and export

Opportunities - Item Summary Improvements

We have updated the /wiki/spaces/HG/pages/83394801merge field Opportunity Item Summary (@@OpportunityItemSummary) to contain more information, in an easier to follow structure!

The merge field now splits out the quantity from the name of the course, includes a unit price and a clearer total

Your quotation and confirmation emails to your enquiring customers never looked so good 🎉

Opportunities - Enquiry Form Description pulls through into Description

We have updated the enquiry form plugin so that the 'description' field completed by your customers now populates the 'description' field of your /wiki/spaces/HG/pages/83394801. Previously, this information was added to the opportunity as a note:

This change means that you can view the full details of your customer's enquiry from one page!

Managers - Hide Cancelled & On Hold Courses

The Manager View of your system has been updated to hide away any of your class and web courses that are cancelled or on hold!

This means that your customer managers cannot stumble upon, and try to book, any of your courses that you have specified are now 'cancelled' or 'on hold', making their search for available courses much easier and their experience in your manager portal more enjoyable:

Custom fields - User Award Custom Fields

You can now build 'User Award' based custom fields via your Custom Field Builder:

API Feeds - Custom fields available to read & update

If you are using any of your system's API Feeds to link any of your other systems to your accessplanit system, you can now benefit from being able to read and write to your Custom Fields!

This addition allows you to create incredibly custom integrations to sync your information between your internal systems and keep everyone up to date with what if happening in your business.

Document Templates - Custom Fields available

You can now include Custom Fields within your Document Templates!

If you would like to include your delegate, course or user based custom fields within your certificates, joining instruction letters, etc. then just follow these merge field formats in your Document Template

Delegate:       coursedateuser.CF_Field_Name

User:             coursedateuser.User.CF_Field_Name

Course Date:  coursedate.CF_Field_Name

If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Helpdesk Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Portal.