How To: eLearning Plans

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An eLearning Plan allows you to add a set of eLearning courses together in a bundle with your current head Course Template. The eLearning plan functions in a similar way to sessions within a Class course.

When a user books onto an eLearning Course that has a Plan, and the modules have Auto Register selected, when they log into their Learner Portal they will see each of the modules and they can Play each of these.

Training administrators will be able to see how many modules the user has completed and/or passed and decide when to manually change the Delegate Status on the main eLearning Course to 'Completed'. This will not change automatically upon completion of all modules.

How to add a Plan to an eLearning course

  1. Navigate to the Course Templates DataGrid and find the eLearning course you want to add a Plan to.

  2. Right-click on the course template and select Edit, then go to the Plan tab on the left side.

  3. Select the Course Template you are editing and more options will appear. This is you selecting that this course is the 'head course' on the Plan.

  4. Click on the green + symbol to add the first module in your eLearning Plan

  5. Select "Click here to select an existing course template" to select which existing Course Template will be the first module

  6. Once the module has been chosen in the list that appears, click OK.

  7. You then fill in the details for the module, which will be automatically filled in with the same details as the Course Template itself, then click Update.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for each new module you want to add to the eLearning Plan and once finished, click Save Course Template.

In order for your course to show in the Portal and Course Search, you need to ensure Advertise is ticked.

For delegates to be automatically added to every course in your plan, “Auto-Register” must be ticked on each package in the plan.