User Management

If you are having issues with a User record you have created, or User Maintenance in general, please visit this related Troubleshooting page.


In this area you can find information about Users in accessplanit. Follow the links below to find out more:

Main Account & Details

This area explains what the purpose of a User's Main Account is and how to set it up correctly. This section also covers the Details section against a User which contains Restrict Booking functionality and Tags.

Contact and Other Addresses

Here, you can find out how User information is stored, such as contact information and addresses.


In this page, you can find information about Courses that the User has been enrolled on. This is a DataGrid that includes the Course Name, Start and End date, associated Invoices and more.

Roles and Access

This area explains Users roles within the platform and how they can and can't access certain information.

Financial Information

In this area you can learn how to access financial information about the User you are looking at. This includes Invoices and Credit Notes.

Single Sign On

You must be within the Advanced band or higher to use SSO as this is a chargeable module/integration. Please speak to your CSM if you are unsure whether you should have access to this feature.

You also must use ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) or SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language).

Creating a New Training Administrator

This area explains how to create a brand new Training Administrator from Scratch, this covers creating the user and mapping the correct role over the correct Accounts and/or Account Groups.

 Upgrading a User to a Training Administrator

In this area, you can find information on how to upgrade a standard Individual user to a Training Administrator, and also, how to downgrade an existing Training Administrator to an Individual