Knowledge Document Courses Overview

Here, you'll find what a Knowledge Document Course is and the properties they have.

What is a Knowledge Document?

Knowledge Document Courses are very similar to eLearning Courses insofar as the Delegate needs to access their Learner Portal to view the course online. However instead of accessing an eLearning course, they access a document to read. This document could be a PDF, a PowerPoint, or Word document, a video file, etc.

If you cannot see Knowledge Document as an option on your accessplanit, please contact the Support Team. You will need to ask them to change some of the settings on your platform so that you can access Knowledge Documents.

To learn how to set up Knowledge Document Courses or view them, click here.

Setting up a Knowledge Document

You can set up Knowledge Document Courses within the Course Templates area of your accessplanit. There are a few areas that you'll need to fill out first though, so below is a brief overview of what the most important Knowledge Document-specific fields are:

Quick Access
As with eLearning, you can allow the delegate to view the course information straight away by ticking the Quick Access box.  

If you do not enable Quick Access, then you will need to change the Delegate status to 'In Progress' to allow them to gain access to the document's package.

To learn more about Knowledge Document Packages, click here.

The Self-Complete option at the Course Template level allows the Delegate to let you know that they have viewed the document by ticking a box in the Learners Portal. 

Start Date and Expiry Date
You can also add a Start Date and Expiry Date to the course, which will limit when the Delegate can access the document.