Class Courses Overview

Class Courses are courses which run on a specific date and time. They are instructor/trainer-led and usually have a venue.

To learn how to set-up and maintain Classroom Courses, click here.

Information stored against a Class Course

When you create a new Class Course, it will pull any relevant information that has been identified at the Course Template. To learn more about Course Templates, click here. 

There are several different tabs containing information about a course:

Details: Use this page to manage the Course Template, Scheduling, Number of Places, Waiting List etc.

Attributes: Use this page to manage any Attributes set up against your courses.

Text: The Text tab is where you can store additional information and joining instructions.

Exclusivity: Here, you can assign exclusivity to a course for a particular Account or Account group.

Delegates: Use this page to add, edit, and delete Delegates from a course.

Placeholders: The Placeholders tab allows you to add, edit, and delete Placeholders from a course.

Resources: Here, you can manage any Resources assigned to your course.

Trainer Confirmations: Use this page to manage your Trainer Confirmations. To learn more about Trainer Confirmations, click here.

Fees: You can use this page to add, edit, and delete fees associated to a course.

Bookings: The Bookings tab allows you to view all bookings related to the course.

Profitability: This page allows you to view the profitability of the course. 

Notes: Here, you can add, edit, and delete Notes associated with the course.

File Store: The File Store page allows you to manage any files attached to your course.

Communications: The Communications tab allows you to view and manage all Communications associated with this course.

Tasks: here, you can to add, edit, and delete Tasks associated with your course.

Meetings: Use this page to add, edit, and delete Meetings associated with your course.

Price Schemes: You can use this page to view the Price Schemes associated to the course, and add a new scheme.

Display Links: Here, you can view the links associated to the course, such as the Course Template Link and Book Now Link. Clicking the link automatically copies it to your clipboard, meaning that you paste these links directly into emails to be sent out to your delegates, or otherwise share them to your social media accounts.

Audit Logs: You can view the Audit Logs for the course from this page.