Familiarisation Guide

Familiarising yourself with your system is a vital part of your launch phase with your Training Success Platform. This not only allows you to spot and correct any errors before you launch, it also enables you to get familiar with accessing your data within your new system and practice using the tool so that you can get the absolute most out of your training day.

The key difference between Familiarisation and Process Mapping is that you are no longer figuring out how you are going to use the system, you are becoming familiar with when your communications will send, what they will look like, what actions you need to take and where all of your data lives.

You essentially need to be using your sandbox system as if you are live; process bookings, manage your delegates and manage your finance. This way, when you do go live you have ensured that there will not be any surprises!

The way that you approach familiarisation is really up to yourself and your business. You may prefer to complete workshop days as a team or work separately on your own tasks, you may wish to dedicate entire days to this, or complete short hour sessions each day.

If you are unsure of how to tackle familiarisation, please download our guide below: