Waiting Lists


Waiting Lists in accessplanit allow your Delegates to book onto a Course when it is fully booked. If a space becomes free before the course starts, a Delegate on the Waiting List can be promoted to Booked.

If you want to switch on Waiting List functionality for Sessional Courses, please contact the Support Team by raising a ticket. To learn more about Sessional Courses click here.

How does the Waiting List Work?

When a User adds a Fully Booked Course to their Basket, the Basket will inform the Booking User that the Course is Fully Booked, and the Delegate assigned will be placed on a Waiting List: 

Please note that the above text in the Shopping Basket regarding the Waiting List cannot be amended or changed. 

The Course must have the Status of "Available" for the Waiting List to work. If the Course is in the Status "Fully Booked", then this stops the User from adding the Course to their Basket. 

Any Delegates that go through the Basket on the Waiting List will not be charged, and an Invoice will not be raised for them. This will need to be done manually once they have been promoted to Booked. To learn more about Invoices, click here.

Auto Promotion on Waiting list

There is a Configuration Setting in accessplanit which the Helpdesk can switch on for you so that your Waiting List automatically promotes Users who are on the Waiting List to Booked when a space becomes available, such as in the case of another Delegate cancelling their place on the course.

The promotion of a Delegate is done on a first-come first-served basis, meaning that the Delegates on the Waiting List will always be promoted in the order in which they booked onto the course.