Choosing your Payment Gateway

Implementing a Payment Gateway into your accessplanit platform allows you to take payment online via your Shopping Basket or Checkout.


There are several different terms associated with payment gateways which you may have not come across before. The table below aims to make sense of these enabling you to make an informed decision.  


Although this option does take longer to integrate, it provides you with a tidier payment gateway which is fully integrated within the accessplanit interface. 


This option offers quicker implementation timescales and redirects users to a secure site to process payment therefore directing them away from your accessplanit page. With most redirect options you do have the option to edit the payment pages through your gateway. If it is necessary for you to be PCI DSS compliant you will need to select this option.  

3D Secure 

3D Secure (also known as “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard SecureCode”) requires users to provide a secret password before the transaction is processed. Please note that this often requires redirection to a different page and so can make a ‘remote’ payment gateway appear as a ‘redirect’. 

Options Available

Payment Gateway

AdyenOur integration with Adyen uses a remote approach where the payment is made within the accessplanit shopping basket
Our integration with Barclays ePDQ uses the Remote implementation. Please note that you will require the direct link option.
Global Payments

Global Payments is a redirect option.

Our integration with Global Payments has limitations in terms of refunds. If you need to provide a refund through Global Payments there is not capability to do so through your accessplanit platform but instead you need to log in directly to your Global Payments portal and subsequently amend this manually within your accessplanit platform.

There is a known issue with Global Payments, where payments from the Crown Dependency of Jersey will fail as their State Code conflicts with the US State of New Jersey's state code.

There is currently no resolution date for this issue. 


PayPal offers a redirect model with limited branding capability where you can only update your company logo and background colour. The accessplanit integration is for PayPal Express accounts, it is possible for PayPal Pro account to use this integration too. Please note that the integration does not currently work with PayPal Standard accounts

Opayo is our recommended supplier and from experience we have found that our customers find them the best to work with – so much so that we have now chosen to be a partner of Opayo. 
Our integration with Opayo uses the remote approach.

Opayo do not support payments from the Crown Dependency of Jersey.

Please note that you will require the eCommerce option.


Our integration with Stripe uses a remote approach where the payment is made within the accessplanit shopping basket

WPM Education is a payment platform for higher education institutes and colleges


Implementation of your new payment gateway does vary depending on the option you choose however all follow a similar format. Your chosen provider will give you one or more account IDs which we then integrate within your accessplanit system. Please do note that some providers can take several weeks to generate these IDs and may need to contact us during the process for security reasons