Learner Portal


In this section, you will find the branding options for your accessplanit Learners Portal.

Tiles within the portal can be removed and resized, and in addition to the logo at the top left of the Learners Portal, we are also able to customise the colours of the following items:

Please send the hex colour code for each section to your implementation manager.

If any changes need to be made after launch, please contact the accessplanit Helpdesk via the Support Portal, and inform the advisor that your Portal Themes need updating.

They should then refer you to this page when asking for the specific changes you require. Once again, they will need to know the hex code for each section below:

In addition to the Welcome banner within your Learner Portal. the Core colour is also used for the text on the login screen; including 'Login Details' and 'Forgotten your username or password?'