Shopping Basket


The shopping basket is the area in which users mostly travel through in order to make a booking.

Though it is not possible to make changes to options and fields within the basket, there are plenty of branding options available.

Branding Options for the Shopping Basket

There are several options available for customising your Shopping Basket experience for your customers:

  1. You are able to customise the header and footer of your Shopping Basket using a html editor which allows you to include images, links and text. Most customers opt to have a white header which includes their logo, and their main branding colour in the footer alongside their contact details and payment gateway logo.

  2. You are able to include a Continue Shopping button on your Shopping Basket. This button will take the user back to their last page so that they can browse for more courses

  3. You are able to hide the ‘cost’ column from your Shopping Basket. This is popular with internal training companies where the cost of each course is not stored within the platform.

Further branding options

Changes can also be made to the font, button colours, date formats and terms and conditions. 

For more information, please follow this link.