Workflows planning


Workflows are automated communications that send when different actions happen within the platform.

These work on an "If this, then that" basis. To find out more about workflows, follow this link

Planning your workflows

When planning your workflows, it helps to start by looking at what communications you send most regularly. These may be booking confirmations, updates when a course date is cancelled or the sending and chasing of invoices and payments.

Automating your most regularly sent emails can save you so much time and free you up to do more important things.

There are three different types of communications that can be sent from the platform currently:

  • Automated customer communications (Transactional emails)
  • Automated admin communications (System notifications)
  • Automated finance communications

When completing your datasheets and documents, you will find an automated communications sheet which details many of the automated communications we're asked to set up most frequently. These may help you to think about the types of emails you would like the platform to send for you.

This is broken down into: 

  • What the email is
  • Based on what update the email should send
  • To whom
  • When the email should send
  • The content of the email
  • What attachments should be sent

Workflow Examples

Workflow / RecipientHow and when it should send
Booking confirmation email - DelegateWhen a delegate has made a booking, send an booking confirmation email to the delegate 2 minutes after
Delegate cancellation - Delegate

When a delegate has cancelled their place on a course date, send an email to the delegate 2 minutes after to confirm their cancellation

Delegate cancellation - Manager

When a delegate has cancelled their place on a course date, send an email to the delegates manager 2 minutes after to inform them of the cancellation

Low course viability - Administrator14 days before the course start date, if the course does not have a good viability forecast, send an email to administrators warning them
Delegate certificate - DelegateOnce a course date has been updated with the status of "Completed", send an email to the delegate with their certificate attached
Invoice Overdue - PayerOnce an invoice due date has passed, send an email to the target to alert them