Custom report requirements


We understand that some reports are crucial to running your business.

As such, to ensure that you have you most important reports ready during implementation, we need to know what reports are most important to you.

Crucial information

At the start of the implementation, you will be asked to send through a copy of your important reports. These can come in whichever format suits you.

The crucial information we need are:

  • A list of the columns in the report
  • Which order the columns should appear in
  • What values are expected in each column in layman's terms
  • An example of the values expected in each column
  • How the values should in the columns should be formatted

Sometimes the values expected differ to those stored in accessplanit, therefor it is important to know how these should show.

As an example, the accessplanit platform shows "United Kingdom" as a country. If you need this to show as "GB", please make this clear

Report outputs

So that we can be completely understand your requirements, it's best to detail report outputs in a similar fashion to the below example:

Column NameFormatDetailsExample Values
Course NameTextThe name of the courseFirst Aid At Work
Course IDAlphanumericThe unique reference for the course templateFAW01
Start DateDate TimeThe start date and time of the course21/02/2019 09:00
End DateDate TimeThe start date and time of the course21/02/2019 17:00
TrainerTextThe name of the trainerJohn Smith
VenueTextThe name of the venueBusiness Centre
IncomeNumber (2 decimal places)The income (Sum of all booking costs)2500.00
ExpensesNumber (2 decimal places)

The expenses (Sum of trainer, venue and resource costs)

ProfitNumber (2 decimal places)The profit (Income - Expenses)2100.00