Defining your Finance Export


There is a lot of information required for us to begin scoping out your finance export files for development. This page includes the content required in the file(s), as well as the format and location that the file(s) need to be sent to.


Export Information

You will need to provide the following information to your Implementation Manager / Customer Success Manager at accessplanit:

  1. Name of the finance software in use (i.e. Sage, Agresso).
  2. The format of the files required (i.e. csv, txt).
  3. Where the data should be sent (i.e. a FTP location).
  4. The frequency of the export (i.e. nightly).


You will need to let us know what files you are expecting to be exported, and what file name format is required.

Per file, you will need to provide:

  1. Field name, and if this should be included in the file.
  2. Field width (if applicable).
  3. A description of the information that is expected.
  4. An example.

Field Name

Field Width





This is the label of the Account

Company ABC



This is the address content before ‘town’ for the Account

1 New Road, West End



This is the Account’s telephone number

01234 56789

If you have any additional requirements such as pipe-separated values, fixed widths, or all quotations removed please let us know this ahead of the specification being produced.

For Invoice files, please also let us know whether there should be a row per Invoice/Credit Note, or whether there should be a row per Invoice/credit name line item.


Following your submission of your requirements you will receive a specification for the development. Please ensure that you read this thoroughly and sign if off by the assigned deadline to avoid any delays to the development and the overall project.

Once the specification is approved the work will be scheduled and you will receive a confirmed development and release date.

Before releasing the development to your live platform we will first provide you with test files from your test environment to check over the data.