How To: Import Delegates onto Course Dates

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Warning: We highly recommend and always suggest that you run an Import Job on your test platform first, before you upload the data on live.

To learn how to complete an Import Job, click here.

Creating the Import Profile

First, you need to create an Import Profile to user for the upload. Click here for more information on how to do this.

To add Users to a Course Date, you'll need to choose the Destination labelled "Candidate".

The following fields must be marked as key columns in the Import Profile:

  • Course ID - this is the Course Date ID and can be found under the Attributes tab of a Course, or exported from a DataGrid.

  • User ID  - this is the User ID of the User you'd like to add to the Course as a Trainer or Delegate. You can find this in the Users DataGrid and in a Users record. To learn more about Users and the details stored in your accessplanit platform, click here.

You'll need to include the above fields, plus any others you'd like to update with the Import. See below for an example Import Profile for Importing Delegates. The fields included in the below are mandatory for the Import to work:

The following fields are also mandatory for a Delegate record:

  • Status - these are the Status' against the Delegate Record. These must be a numerical value. Their values are listed below:

    • 0: Unknown

    • 1: Cancelled

    • 2: Completed

    • 4: Provisional

    • 8: InProgress

    • 16: Booked

    • 32: OnHold

    • 64: NoAttend

    • 128: WaitingList

    • 256: Deferred

    • 512: Failed

    • 1024: Attended

    • 2048: Transferred

    • 4096: Unconfirmed

  • Type - this is the type of record the User will get when added to the Course. This must be Imported as a numerical value. This can be any of the following two:

    • 1: Trainee

    • 2: Trainer

Filling in the Import File

You'll then need to populate a spreadsheet with all the information you'd like to import. 

You can find a sample file below which has the key column headings:

Importing Delegates.csv