26th August 2019

Our latest update will be applied to your live system w/c 26th August and includes upgrades to nearly all of our payment gateway integrations, new API feed options for integrations !

Please take a look through this page, or watch through our release notes video to find out what is new in your accessplanit system.

26th August Features

Payment Gateway - Upgrades for PSD2

The main focus of our 26th August release has been to get our existing payment gateway integrations upgraded so that they are compliant with the upcoming PSD2 RTS legislation. This legislation requires payment gateways to use strong customer authentication and secure communication, we have made the following changes to our integrations to allow them to do this:


Our Stripe integration has been updated to use 3D Secure


Our /wiki/spaces/HG/pages/61014143integration has been updated to include more identifiable information about a paying user so that they can be verified more accurately

Barclays EPDQ

Our Barclays EPDQ integration has been updated to include more identifiable information about a paying user so that they can be verified more accurately

You may need to make changes within your Barclays account to accommodate these changes, please review this document.


We have not made any changes to our PayPal integration as this uses the re-direct method only, where PayPal handle the entirety of the payment process


/wiki/spaces/HW/pages/390332417 will handle the compliance, please contact Adyen to specify that you require this


We no longer recommend WorldPay as a partner but for those with this gateway already in use, we have not made any changes to our WorldPay integration as this uses the redirect method only, where WorldPay handle the entirety of the payment process.

Global Payments

We have redeveloped our integration with Global Payments (previously Realex) from the ground up! This integration uses the /wiki/spaces/HG/pages/61407411 approach and will continue to not yet support refunds. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about this.

Integrations - Finance & Course API Feeds

If you have access to your system API Feeds you can now make use of 8 additional feeds for integration with any other systems that you have in use!

These feeds are

  • Course Templates
  • Courses (Dates)
  • Delegates
  • Trainers
  • Venues
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Items
  • Transactions

Read more about our API Feeds on our dedicated helpguides: Course & Delegate API Feeds, Invoicing & Transaction API Feeds

Access to your system API Feeds is available as an add-on module to your system for £2000 / year. This includes free access to any additional feeds, free upgrades with additional fields and improvements, and supporting documentation for configuration. 

Custom Fields - Create Account Based Fields

In our last release we announced the roll-out of our new Custom Field Builder, It is now possible to create custom fields for your Accounts within your accessplanit system!

To create Account based custom fields, access the Custom Field tool and select the model 'Accounts'

If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Helpdesk Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Suggestions Portal.