The Profitability of a course will break down any costs and income associated with a course date in a grid on accessplanit.

You can keep track of all Profitability item types here, with the Viability providing information as to whether a course will cost you more to run than it will make in income.

Where to find Profitability

To view the Profitability of a course, select Profitability from the context menu on your Class or Web course DataGrid.

You can also find a Profitability field in the details of a course date. This is calculated from all income, fee, and expenditure items to produce a total figure of Profitability for a course.

In your Class or Web course DataGrid, you can also expose different columns for Income, Profitability Forecast, and Expenditure to view Profitability figures at a glance for different courses.

Explanation of Terms

The Profitability table against a course will appear as below:

Item Type 
This is the type of item that the viability record is for, such as Candidate or Resource.

Item Description
This will provide details about this viability record, such as the name of a Venue or a User on a course.

Profitability Type
This field shows whether the viability record is counted as Income, Fee or Expenditure.

Calculated Value/Tax
Here, you can see the amount that this viability record will cost/bring in for the course, taken from the cost of the Resource or the course. Discounts and Price Schemes will be taken into account when calculating this amount.

Invoiced Value/Tax
This is the amount that has been invoiced for this item. For expenditure, this will always be automatically filled in, even though there isn't an Invoice for this.

Paid Value/Tax
This is the amount that has been paid in relation to this item. For expenditure, this will always be automatically filled in, even though there isn't an Invoice for this.

Forecast Value/Tax
This is generated from accessplanit as the most accurate value for how much this viability item is worth. This field will always reflect the Paid Value first, but if the item hasn't been paid for, then it will look to Invoice Value. If the viability item hasn't been invoiced, this field will then reflect the Calculated Value.

Sessional Profitability

Profitability for a parent sessional course, by default, does not include any Resources.

This means that if a Course Date is Sessional and the Resources are linked to both the Parent Course and the Child Sessions, the Profitability will only account for the Child Session Resources.

This setting can be changed, however, and so if you would like this changed, please contact our Support team.