Example Project Plan


The project plan is a list of tasks to be completed throughout the project. It list when they should be started and completed and who should be involved.

Before starting your implementation we will ask for any annual leave dates for anyone involved in the project and create a plan based on those dates.



(Days before/after kick off)


(Days before/after kick off)

Pre Kick off Tasks

Internal sales handoverAccessplanit will meet and discuss the project and timescales-14-8
Introductory MeetingOur first meeting together to go through introductions, timescales and what to expect-14-7
Essential info doc providedA small document with a few essential questions for you to complete-14-7
Datasheets providedYou'll be given access to Data gathering sheets on OneDrive-14-7
Data Gathering commencesYou've started filling in the data gathering sheets-14-7
Project PlanningWe will be creating a personalised project plan and setting up your access to our project management platform-14-7
Essential info doc completedEssential information document sent back to us-140
Platform CreationIn preparation of our first meeting, your platform framework will be created-14-7
Watch DataSheets and Documents 'How To' VideosThe intro videos on OneDrive will give you an understanding of how data gathering works and platform concepts-14-1
Day 1 - Project Kick off

Platform Planning WorkshopA live Onscreen, in platform run through of your processes and Q&A session11
Agree Phase 1 and 2 OutcomesTogether we will work to agree your key drivers to focus on in the project. Phase 1 Outcomes will be achievable in 6 weeks, and we will then move onto Phase 2.11
Platform Access for AdministratorsAccess to the platform for your administrators11
Website HTML Plugin Code Provided *If you need website integration, we will provide your web developers with our helpful integration document11
Registration Form and Custom Fields Specification createdWe work with you do decide exactly what fields you will require in your registration form, and any custom fields you may need.114
Day 14 - Data gathered and provided

Payment Gateway applied for *If applicable, you will need to apply for the relevant payment gateway114
Integration work begun *If applicable, our development team will begin working on your custom developments114
Data gathered and providedYour completed data gathering sheets are sent to us so we can build this into your platform114
Day 28 - Platform Build and Training Complete

SMTP Relay/ SPF Record set upYour IT Team will have assisted in getting your email optimisation set up114
Website integration begunYour web developers have started the process of configuring the web integration115
Data ReviewWe will sense check the data you've supplied and raise any data issues with you1516
PlatformBuild We will configure your platform and bring through the data you have supplied1618
Registration Form and Custom Fields Specification signed off and loggedYour custom registration form technical specification details will be agreed with you and submitted to our development team1528
Live to Training EnvironmentOnce the live platform has been built, we will copy this onto your training environment so you can test the most up to date data1919
Training/ ConsultationYour platform training is completed with your CSM2028
Day 42 - Phase One Outcome Sign off

User Acceptance TestingYou will have been through and practised your processes with the automated communications1842
Phase 1 Outcomes CompleteWe are able to show you the Outcomes that were agreed within the Platform Planning Session are now in place2942
Payment Gateway set up and testedWe have input the payment gateway details and successfully tested a payment through the platform.3042
Any changes to configuration agreedAny changes to configuration within the platform are agreed3342
Phase 1 Outcomes Complete MeetingTogether we have a meeting to discuss the Outcomes that are in place within the first 6 weeks of the project. 4242
Day 60 - Live platform Ready

Agreed configuration changes are madeAny configuration changes agreed have been made4353
Work on Phase 2 OutcomesWe look at the Phase 2 Outcomes previously agreed4360
Top up Data Gathered (Course Dates)* If needed, you'll supply any new course dates to be created in your live platform ready for launch5560
Day 80 - Project Closure

Web integration workWeb Integration work being carried out by your web team 180
Phase 2 Outcomes CompleteWe will have completed any Phase 2 Outcomes that we agreed on4375
Top up Data Built (Course Dates)*A final data import of any newly created course dates6365
Project Closure and handoverTogether we will have a meeting closing the implementation and handing over to your customer success manager, highlighting the next steps and areas of your business we can optimise next8080