How much time do I need to give in Implementation?


We are often asked how much time our customers need to put in to implement their new system with us. As with any big change in an organisation there will be a lot of time required, you'll need to gather your requirements, attend training and practice in the system, work with website developers and your payment gateway (if applicable) and work with your team to establish your new processes.

The amount of time that you will need to give may vary greatly from the estimates in the table below - these are simply ballpark figures. We run implementations for admin teams of 2 through to admin teams of 50 so we recommend that you consider several factors which will influence the time required, such as which of your team can help you with some of the tasks, how many members of your team need to participate in process mapping and system familiarisation, how easy it will be for you to gather your data, how many departments or third parties you need to have involved in making decisions, if you'll need to run any additional in-house training, if you'll need to refresh your memory following annual leave, and if you have any significant changes to make internally.

Please note that these hours per week do not include the weekly 30 minute project calls that begin in week 2.

Unless you have a very small team it is very unlikely that every administrator will need to participate in every task. It is up to you how much involvement each person will have each week. We have found that successful implementations involve all administrators in the decision making processes early on, involve them in all training sessions, and they all spend plenty of hours completing familiarisation at the end of the project.

<16 - 10

Before the System Planning Workshop meeting, you will need to:

  • Complete the Essential Information document
  • Fill in each of the Data spreadsheets
  • Attend the Introduction Meeting
  • Review and sign off the Project Plan
  • Discuss and agree the Phase 1 & 2 outcomes
1 - 14<15
  • Attend the System Planning Workshop
  • Review Implementation help materials
  • Gather System Data
  • Apply for a payment gateway (If applicable)
  • Review your registration form mock-up
14 - 2810 - 12
  • Complete the three webinar training / consultancy sessions
  • Approve the registration form specification
  • Configure the SPF/SMTP relay
28 - 42<15
  • Testing automated communications
  • Testing of payment gateway 
  • Phase 1 outcomes complete & signed off
42 - 6010 - 12
  • Launch data is gathered and provided
  • Focus on secondary objectives
60 - 906 - 10
  • Attend the Project Closure Meeting
  • Liaise with website developers over requirements